Lipkin Shahak slams Israeli leadership over rift with US

Former IDF Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin Shahak on Saturday slammed Israeli leadership for creating a rift between Israel and the US over the Iranian nuclear issue.
Speaking on Channel 2's Meet the Press, Lipkin Shahak said "Coordination with the United States... is extremely important... How did we arrive a this situation, in which bilateral coordination with the US is at such a low level?
Lipkin Shahak also defended President Shimon Peres for speaking in public about the need for US approval on an Iran strike. "The Iranian issue is not a private issue for the Prime Minister [Binyamin Netanyahu] or the Defense Minister [Ehud Barak,]" he said, adding "the prime minister and the defense minister are the ones that told the Iranians that Israel is ready to attack. Not Peres."