Lithuanian PM's adviser condemns anti-Semitic provocation

An adviser to the Lithuanian Prime Minister Thursday condemned an anti-Semitic provocation involving a pig’s head representing a Jew being left at the entrance of a synagogue, according to statement released Thursday by the Lithuanian Embassy in Tel Aviv.
“Anti-Semitic provocations like this are a relic from the Soviet past, with a smack of Nazism”, said adviser to the Prime Minister Virgis Valentinavicius. 
The prime minister's adviser's statement continued by saying “anti-Semitism is always deplorable; however, its manifestations are particularly displeasing in Lithuania, for they are ruining efforts to foster a tradition of tolerance, once so strong. Moreover, anti-Semitic actions are an insolent disrespect for the long common history of the Lithuanians and the Jews, which saw much of good, but there was also the Holocaust tragedy.”