Livni calls budget cuts an act of 'political cowardice'

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Sunday said that a government decision to make across-the-board budget cuts is political cowardice and represents a lack of priorities. She added that the lower classes will be the ones hurt by the move.
Speaking at a Tel Aviv public school, Livni slammed the government for passing a budget "just two months ago and is [now] changing it," saying that it presents a problematic message.
Addressing the uproar over rising prices of basic goods that has threatened to bring a general strike, the opposition leader criticized those who blame world prices for the high cost of fuel. "The tax increase," she countered, is responsible for the high price.
"There will be those who say that because of disturbances and changes [in the region], that we cannot do anything [to make peace with the Palestinians] - this is a mistaken excuse by those who don't want to make decisions," she said. "Reaching an [peace] agreement is in our interests and not a favor to someone," adding that support from the Arab world is crucial for the Palestinian Authority in order to reach a peace deal.