Livni calls for renewal of substantial peace talks between Israel, PA

Livni calls for renewal

Opposition leader and Kadima chair Tzipi Livni called for a renewal of substantial peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, stressing that the lack of such negotiations is contrary to Israel's good. "Unfortunately, there is currently no peace process," she said in a Monday address to the Saban Forum in Jerusalem. "The sides must cease talking about negotiations and threatening, and simply pick up talks from the point we stopped. They will eventually end up there, and the time has come to do what is right." "There is a price for the ongoing lack of action, and we are beginning to feel it. The reason the negotiations stopped was the elections, and not the failed talks. There was trust, which now is lost… nowadays there are talks for the sake of talks," said Livni. "It is time to stop with that and start pushing forward, because the passing time does not serve Israel's interests," she added.