Livni: Jewish values require gov't to take care of citizens

Tzipi Livni on Monday said her party was committed to passing social legislation in the next Knesset as "it is time the government decided once and for all what the citizens of Israel must receive from the state."
While expressing a commitment to free market economic principles, the Tzipi Livni Party leader nonetheless said that "Jewish and Zionist values" require that the government at times intervene in the marketplace to correct what she described as "severe deformities."
In this respect, Livni referred to the latest Poverty Report, which she said painted a grim picture of Israeli society.
Livni said that the State of Israel could not become a country "where the elderly are unable to live with dignity, where small children are forced to work to support their families, and where citizens must forego basic food products because they cannot afford them."
These realities contradict Israeli values, Livni concluded, and can only be rectified by changing the country's national priorities so that Israel can "return to being a country that cares for its people."