Livni: Netanyahu's blockade ease is 'weak' move

The premier wants to generate public concern and a yearning for strong leadership, opposition head Tzipi Livni said Thursday regarding Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's recent decision to ease the blockade on Gaza.
"When decisions are made under pressure, the result will be weak," Livni said.
"If the prime minister would have decided to ease the blockade, and the decision was not made under pressure, the international perception of Israel would be completely different," she added.
"Israel's strategic position is falling apart. We have the chance to make a change, and to do this we need to initiate new policy," the opposition leader stressed.
Livni added that "the new Israeli patriotism and the strong desire to retain our Jewish identity needs to come along with the ideal that a two-state-solution is a strong Israeli interest."
"A change in policy and in the make-up of our government can make a big difference in our international standing," Livni concluded.