Livni, Peretz present 'revolutionary' economic plan

The Tzipi Livni Party presented an economic plan meant to be a middle ground between the Likud and Labor on Monday, following a negative report on poverty in Israel by NGO Latet.
"We oppose a wild open market where this government feels its responsible for everything, but won't wave the red flag of monopolies and too much government involvement like Labor suggests," Livni stated.
Speaking at a press conference at her party's headquarters in Tel Aviv, in a hall that had eight photos of her hanging on its walls, Livni mentioned her past in the Likud. She described Likud ideological fore-bearer Ze'ev Jabotinsky's ideology of government responsibility for housing, medicine, housing, food and education.
"I grew up in a party that embraced those who didn't have much with dignity and a desire to make changes," she said of the Likud.