Livni: Social justice starts with equality in IDF service

Oppostion leader Tzipi Livni made an appearance at a Tel Aviv protest against the Tal Law on Thursday, saying that "social justice begins with equality in duties and military service."
The Tal Law was approved in 2002, in an effort to attract more haredi men to enlist in the army allowing them then to be legally employed. The law grants those studying full-time in a yeshiva the option to defer their military service until age 23, spend a year in vocational training, and then choose whether to join the army for six months followed by annual reserve duty, or to perform a year of civilian service, and then be free to legally join the workforce.
Livni stated that "This is a battle for everyone who believes in Zionism and wants to live in this country. We are talking about people who study, serve in the army, perform reserve duty and feel as if everything falls on their shoulders. They are ready to give their lives for the country but they also want to know that it is a just country and that everyone is doing his part."
The Kadima leader decried the splintering of Israeli society that the Tal Law represents.
"When the Israeli society is split up into tribes and sectors that get benefits through the pressure they put on weak prime ministers, we lose the meaning of Zionism," Livni said.
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