Livni: We must use force against Hamas, other extremists

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Monday said that there is a connection between the bombing attack in Jerusalem and the Grad rocket attack in Beersheba which occurred earlier on Monday and that force must be used against Hamas and other extremist groups.
"We must understand that these attacks were premeditated," Livni said as she visited the area in Beersheba which was struck by the 122 mm. Grad rocket.
"It looks as if the same extremist organizations will try to exploit the situation as a way to strengthen themselves and weaken the state of Israel, which cannot allow itself to appear weak."
"We must act with force towards Hamas and other extremist organizations which do not accept our existence," she continued.
"When we were in the same situation in the past, we decided to act with force against Hamas - which returned our deterrence. Today, they are trying to gain strength, therefore the only way to deal with them is through force."