Lod brothers murder man for harrassing their sister

Central District State prosecutors are set to indict two men for the March 17 murder of 31-year-old Begin Qadsa in Lod.
Qadsa was one of triplets named by their father after world leaders who signed in the 1979 Israel – Egypt peace treaty.
He was shot after a man came to his home, called for him to come out, and opened fire on him following an argument.
Policehave arrested brothers Ala Ben-Suliman Abu Avayad and Farid Bin IbrahimIbn Avayad, of Lod for the shooting. The suspects are set to beindicted in the coming days for murder and conspiracy to commit a crime.
A police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that theshooting was motivated by feelings of "family honor," adding that thebrothers conspired to kill Qadsa after becoming convinced that he was"sexually harassing their sister." 
Qadsa and his two brothers– Sadat and Carter – were born on the sameday in 1979 and named by their father, Ibrahim, after the Egyptian,Israeli and US leaders who signed the historic peace treaty that sameyear.
Despite the hopeful names, Lod's violent crime scene claimedBegin's life in March and his brother Sadat is behind bars after beingconvicted of murdering a fellow inmate in 2001 while serving athree month sentence for drugs offenses and attacking police officers.