Majdal Shams resident arrested for espionage

A resident of the Druse village Majdal Shams was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of espionage. The arrest had sparked a near-riot in Majdal Shams Sunday night, when 1,000 people crowded around Israeli police officers trying to search a village house. Majdal Shams is a village in the Golan Heights. 
The suspect, age 27, was suspected of espionage, contact with a foreign agent, and delivery of information with the enemy. He has been under investigation since last June.
The suspect is a musician by profession. His father denied the charges, saying "he is involved with music, which has no nationality and language. How can a man like that be involved in espionage? He is a good man, and he did not do this."
Further details of the case have not been released.