Malaysia Muslims protest Swedish Muhammad drawings

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia  — More than 200 MalaysianMuslim protesters called on Sweden on Friday to take action againstseveral newspapers that reprinted a caricature depicting the ProphetMuhammad as a dog.

The protesters burned a Swedish flag outsidethe Swedish embassy, chanting "Long live Islam" and "Down with Sweden"and carrying posters that read "Take some lessons from 9/11!!!" and "Wefight for our prophet."

They also burned a picture of Swedishartist Lars Vilks, who made the drawing of Muhammad's head on a dog'sbody in 2007 that was reprinted in papers recently.

"We demandthat the Swedish government take strong action against the newspapersand against the artist," said Sabki Yusof, one of the protest leadersfrom the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party. "It's unacceptablewhat they did to our prophet."

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