McChrystal retires from army service in military ceremony

WASHINGTON — Gen. Stanley McChrystal ended his 34-year Army career in a retirement ceremony on Friday, marking the last chapter of his swift and stunning fall from grace.
The former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, who inspired intense loyalty among many of those who served under him, was fired last month after Rolling Stone magazine published an article titled "The Runaway General" that quoted scathing remarks he and his aides made about their civilian bosses.
McChrystal complained that President Barack Obama had handed him "an unsellable position" on the war. Meanwhile, the general's closest advisers mocked other government officials, including Vice President Joseph Biden, as fools ignorant of the complexities of war. "Biden? Did you say, 'Bite me?'" one aide is quoted saying.
A close aide to the general, Col. Charles Flynn, says McChrystal plans to live in northern Virginia, where the Pentagon is, after moving out of his home in Washington's Fort McNair.