Meretz announces Kfar Qassem resident as party candidate

Israeli-Arab accountant Isawi Farij from the city of Kafr Kasim in the triangle will compete for a spot on the Meretz list in the upcoming elections, the party announced Tuesday.
Farij will run for one of the top five spots on the party list in the upcoming primaries, the party said, adding that following a vote by the Meretz general committee Monday night to cancel the assured spot for an Arab candidate in the 7th spot on the party list.
The party said the decision was made because the party has failed to reach that many seats in recent elections.
In the statement Tuesday announcing Farij's candidacy, Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On called on the Arab public to lend their votes to the left-wing, saying they could help be a counterweight to the right-wing in the upcoming elections.
In the party’s announcement Tuesday, Farij said he believes its important for Arab-Israelis to no longer pursue representation only through the Arab parties, and said he believes Meretz is “the only party through which the Arab sector can have a real place,” adding that he “won't just be someone who says the right things, I will work towards practical collaboration in advancing public policy in Israel.