Meretz MK calls on police to prevent gender separation

Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz on Sunday called on the police to enforce the High Court's ruling to prevent gender separation in public spaces.
MK Horowitz said "The haredi (ultra-orthodox) community has ignored the High Court. The High Court ruled last year already that the separation in public spaces between men and women is not legal and the police have a duty to enforce that."
Horowitz's comments came after the Supreme Court ruled earlier Sunday that the haredi community in Mea Shearim could not construct a partition fence to prevent gender mixing.
"We're talking here about a process that is radicalizing violent, marginal groups seeking to impose their world view and demean women at bus stops, in retail stores, in the street, and in all public spaces," Nitzan said.
"This wasteful separation discriminates against women and degrades them. We must fight to make sure that that this law is enforced and that segregation disappears."