Meretz optimistic as Israelis go to the polls

“I have a good feeling that we will get some 8 to 10 mandates,” Meretz Chairwoman Zehava Gal-on told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday afternoon as she joined young activists giving out Meretz stickers and pamphlets outside the Ramat Aviv Mall in north Tel Aviv.
“I’m hoping we will double or even triple our seats in the Knesset this time. I’m very optimistic,” Gal-On said, “I get texts from people telling me they voted Meretz and even messages from some of the polling stations telling us there is a shortage in Meretz paper slips. I have a feeling we will be in a good mood tonight.”
After casting her ballot in Petah Tikva on Tuesday morning, Gal-On and dozens of young Meretz supporters wearing the party’s signature green shirt, met voters in the streets and engaged in last attempts to convince hesitant voters to cast their ballot for the party.
“Bibi (Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu) will be Prime Minister again, but we are going to be a strong fighting opposition,” she told an undecided voter who approached her and expressed concerns regarding the outcome of the elections. “Don’t hesitate anymore, we are not a party that just talks and makes promises, go vote Meretz.”