Minibus crash survivor says accident was 'God's will'

David Gotstein the lone survivor from the family that was killed in collision between a minibus and a train last Thursday near Kiryat Gat was interviewed about his recollections of the accident by Channel 2 on Tuesday.
Gotstein said that the people in the hospital told him that his family members were being treated in other hospitals for four days while his condition stabilized because they were afraid to tell him that his entire family was dead.
Gotstein received the news of his family's death in the end from his rabbi, four days after the accident. He told interviewers that he had no recollection of the accident itself, remembering only ascending the minibus at the beginning of the trip.
Amazingly, Gotstein expressed no anger or bitterness towards the driver of the minibus, Yashar Yashurun, who was responsible for the crash.  "He was an evil messenger," Gotstein said. "It was God's will."
Gotstein asked all the viewers to help pray for his speedy recovery.