Misezhnikov: OECD to hold tourism parley in J’lem

The Tourism Ministry announced on Monday that Jerusalem had been chosen to host the OECD Tourism Committee meeting this October. Fifty tourism ministers and representatives from member states and other countries will participate in a three-day conference focusing on ways of developing “green tourism,” the ecological effects on tourism, and identifying green business opportunities.
“Israel’s joining the OECD is of great importance in terms of building a positive image for the country,” said Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov. “The positive image will have an effect on the tourist’s choice to visit Israel, and it will attract foreign investors to the country, including, among others, investors in tourism.”
Misezhnikov called the committee’s decision to gather in Israel “an important vote of confidence,” saying it “carries both prestige and special importance, given the decision by OECD leaders to deviate from tradition and hold the meeting not in Paris, but in Jerusalem.”