MK a-Sanaa: Do we want good citizens or bad Zionists?

At a hearing in a Knesset Committee on Tuesday, during a debate over MK Shaul Mofaz's proposed law requiring all public institutions to fly the Israeli flag, MK Taleb A-Sanaa said, "we are experiencing a fever lately, an attack of sorts of Zionism."
A-Sanaa asked, "What is Zionism?" He continued, "It is a political ideology, and there are those who want to force that ideology heavy-handedly. What do we want, good citizens or bad Zionists, like Yigal Amir?"
A-Sanaa continued, "Tomorrow they're going to submit a bill requiring that everybody raise a national flag on their car, or on their donkey. If you need to force an idea like this, then the idea has failed."
Mofaz responded to a-Sanaa's diatribe, saying that he was amazed "by a-Sanaa's words. If there was another reason to pass this law, it would be the words from his mouth. Our right to fly the Israeli flag here, and it must not be that things like that should be heard in the Israeli Knesset."
The law did not even come up for a required first reading, as the necessary parties were not present.