MK Regev: TA tent protest legitimate, slams 'radical left'

MK Miri Regev on Sunday said that the housing protest taking place since Thursday in Tel Aviv's Habima Square is a real and just protest, but added that a small group of "radical leftists" are attempting to turn it into a political struggle, the MK told Israel Radio.
Speaking with Army Radio, Regev said that when she arrived at the Tel Aviv protest Saturday, she was cursed at and had water thrown on her by "radical leftists," who she said are undermining the legitimate basis for the protest. "I didn't expect such behavior," she added.
One of the protest organizers, Stav Sapir, told Israel Radio that the spirit of the protest is not political but rather a popular social struggle. Addressing the water attack on Regev, Sapir would not apologize but said that protest participants are against all violence.