MK Schneller: Kadima must join gov't to make peace with Palestinians

MK Schneller Kadima mus

MK Otniel Schneller came out strongly in favor of Kadima joining the government on Monday, going so far as to threaten to leave the party if it does not accept Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's offer. In an interview with Army Radio, Schneller opined that Kadima joining the coalition would be the best way to work towards a peace agreement with the Palestinians. "Everyone knows that when [Kadima chair] Tzipi Livni joins the government, the Palestinians won't have any reason not to restart peace negotiations," he said, adding that the Annapolis process, in which the opposition leader was heavily involved, is "the only way to achieve peace in the next year or two." Schneller said that he had supported joining the government when Netanyahu was tasked with assembling it in March this year, as the party would have been in a better position had it "joined the government like I said in the first place." He said there was "no real Center" in the current coalition.