MK urges settlement freeze victims to submit loss estimates

MK Danny Danon (Likud) issued a public call Tuesday for people who have been financially impacted by the recent moratorium on building in the settlements to submit estimates of the losses that they have suffered.
Danon recently submitted a bill to compensate people who have been impacted the settlement construction freeze. The bill, which is slated to be reviewed next week by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation would set up a committee that would give compensation both to private citizens and to business owners who were impacted by the decision to freeze building.
In his efforts to advance the bill, Danon said that he met last week with "senior officials in the Prime Minister's Office and in the Finance Ministry, who expressed their support for establishing the proposed framework under the condition that it would be possible to assess – prior to the establishment of the committee – the estimated amount of funds that will be issued.
Following that meeting, Danon issued a call this week for all those who have been effected by the moratorium, including both private citizens and business owners, to submit to his office estimates of the financial damage they have incurred. Danon also drafted a form that citizens can use to submit their claims and which he has posted on his personal Website.