MKs lament Schalit's conditions compared to Hamas prisoners

The Knesset Lobby for Gilad Schalit visited the Ofer Prison Sunday, where MKs renewed complaints regarding the inequity between Hamas prisoners’ conditions and those of the captive IDF soldier.
“There is no proportionality between the conditions that Palestinian prisoners are granted in Israeli prisons and the way that Gilad Schalit is held,” complained Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) during the visit.
Mofaz said that the time had come to re-assess previous proposals to strip Hamas prisoners of some of their privileges in response to Schalit’s continued captivity.
Other members of the Knesset lobby highlighted the inconsistency in the fact that Hamas prisoners receive regular visits both by family members as well as Red Cross representatives, while no emissary has been allowed to visit Schalit in almost five years of captivity.