Mofaz: US should lead campaign against Iran

In an interview with Army Radio on Sunday morning, Mofaz said that he found Netanyahu "confused, stressed out and unfocused" during their meeting last week.
He said: "The prime minister has lost the trust of the security chiefs, US President Obama and President Shimon Peres."
He also believes that "we must wait and see how things develop [on Iran]. We have more time, and the US should lead the campaign against Iran."
Commenting on an interview Sunday morning on "Good Morning, Israel" with retired judge Eliyahu Winograd, Mofaz told Army Radio that an "Israeli attack on Iran may be a danger to the country's future."
He went on to say that Winograd's central arguments have been reiterated before by US President Barack Obama as well as General Dempsey.
He said:  "Israel cannot act alone to prevent the Iranian nuclear program at this time. Such action may bring us into a very difficult war."