Mofaz warns Livni will split Kadima if she loses primaries

Kadima leadership candidate Shaul Mofaz warned over the weekend that incumbent party head Tzipi Livni intends to break up the party if he defeats her in the March 27 race.
The so-called Mofaz Law, which passed into law in August 2009, enables a group of seven MKs to break off from a faction and form a new one even if they do not constitute a third of the faction's MKs. It was named for Mofaz, because there was speculation at the time that he would depart Kadima with six allies for Likud.
"Livni is unwilling to say that she would accept the verdict of the voters,” Mofaz said. “MKs who back her have told me openly that she would split Kadima if she loses the primary. If those are her intentions, I don't think she should be running.”
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