Netanyahu meets with anti-Tal Law protest leaders

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with leaders of the protest movement against the "Tal Law" on Sunday, a day after Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman suggested that failure to implement a law that would ensure enlistment in the IDF or national service for all could endanger the future of the coalition.
The "Camp Sucker" movement, against the law providing the legal framework for ultra-Orthodox men to defer IDF service indefinitely, is led primarily by the Forum for Military Service Equality (Forum La’shivyon Ba’netel.) The group has led many protests around the country in protest of what they view as discrimination against those who serve in the IDF, and the currently have a protest camp set up in Jerusalem.
The Tal Law was ruled unconstitutional by the High Court of Justice in February, prompting the prime minister to promise he would find an alternative to the law which would more equally distribute the national burden.
On Saturday, the anti-Tal Law camp called on Netanyahu to support an initiative calling for enlistment for everyone, which they say over 300,000 citizens have signed a petition supporting. "If Netanyahu chooses this path, he will receive our blessing, but if he tries to fool us, he will find himself facing an uncompromising and aggressive struggle."
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