NGO: High radiation in elementary schools, kindergartens

An unusually high percentage of elementary schools and kindergartens in Israel are unknowingly exposing their students to unacceptable radiation levels, according to the NGO Malraz.
Malraz, the Council for the Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution in Israel, conducted a study over the past three years that found abnormally high radiation levels in 101 of 172 elementary schools tested and 125 out of 814 kindergartens examined, according to data from the organization.
Particularly disturbing is that for the cases in which deviations from the norm occurred, relatively simple means to minimize or eliminate the radiation damage exist, but the parent committees – which would have the most sway among school and authorities testing for radiation – lack awareness on the subject, according to Malraz.
“It is important to us that parents in Israel be aware of the saddening results of data abnormalities in electricity exposure to kindergarten and school students,” said Hilik Rosenblum, chairman of Malraz.
In response to the report, an Education Ministry spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post that “in principle, the issue of radiation and its treatment is the responsibility of local authorities.” Guidelines have been written by the Environmental Protection Ministry on the subject, the spokeswoman said.
Danielle Ziri contributed to this report.