N.Korea says work on uranium enrichment moves briskly

SEOUL - North Korea said on Wednesday it was moving briskly ahead with the construction of an experimental light-water reactor and uranium enrichment, and that it was willing to prove the peaceful nature of its program through the UN nuclear agency.
North Korea has called for the resumption of international talks aimed at compensating it in return for giving up its nuclear weapons program but the United States and South Korea have demanded Pyongyang's action to implement disarmament steps.
"The construction of experimental LWR (light-water reactor) and the low enrichment uranium for the provision of raw materials are progressing apace," the North's Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted by official KCNA news agency as saying.
It renewed a call for the resumption of the six-way nuclear talks and said "it can convince the world of the peaceful nature of those activities through the International Atomic Energy Agency," the unnamed spokesman was quoted as saying.