North Korea threatens to attack South Korea, US

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea threatened Sunday to attack South Korea and the United States, as the allies prepared to start annual joint military drills — maneuvers Pyongyang says are a rehearsal for an invasion.
The North has routinely issued such war rhetoric against South Korea and the US The latest warning, however, came nearly three weeks after the rival Koreas failed to reach a breakthrough in their first dialogue in months.
Tensions on the Korean peninsula rose sharply last year over two deadly attacks — the sinking of a South Korean naval ship blamed on the North and a North Korean artillery barrage that killed four people on a front-line South Korean island. North Korea denies it was involved in the ship sinking, which killed 46 South Korean sailors.
On Sunday, the North used harsh rhetoric against South Korea and the US, calling their joint drills a "dangerous military scheme."