NYT: US, Israel differ on when Iran strike necessary

The United States and Israel have different ideas about when a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities would be warranted, the New York Times reported Thursday.
According to the report, Defense Minister Ehud Barak argues that a strike would have to occur before Iran reaches a “zone of immunity” - a point in which a strike would no longer be vulnerable to military action.
But a senior official in the Obama administration told the Times that "'zone of immunity’ is an ill-defined term.” Israel argues that if Iran manages to protect its nuclear facilities from a strike, it will have an “impregnable breakout capability,” and then “it makes no difference whether it will take Iran six months or a year or five years” to put the weapon together.

But America sees it differently. A second senior official told the Times that “there are many other options” to slow Iran from getting a weapon.

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