Obama camp targets Romney firm as job-killing 'vampire'

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama'scampaign released a video on Monday calling Mitt Romney'sprivate equity firm a job-killing "vampire" that ran a steelmill into the ground, signaling a new effort to carve intoRomney's image as a corporate success.

The Obama campaign's six-minute video - a shorter version ofwhich will air on TV stations in the key states of Iowa, Ohio,Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado - came on a day in which thepresident's team sought to draw dramatic contrasts between Obamaand Romney, the presumed Republican nominee for president.

Two days after Romney tried to woo conservative evangelicalChristians in a commencement speech at Jerry Falwell's LibertyUniversity in Lynchburg, Virginia, Obama spoke at a women'scollege in New York City and urged the graduates to fight for amore equitable and tolerant nation.

"Fight not just for a seat at the table," Obama said, notingthat women now make up nearly half the work force and have movedinto leadership positions in many companies. "Fight for a seatat the head of the table."