Obama 'concerned' over Wikileaks but 'nothing new revealed'

US President Barack Obama voiced concern Tuesday over the 91,000 classified reports leaked by Wikileaks, but said they reveal nothing new about the Afghanistan war.
"While I was concerned the exposure of
sensitive information from the battlefield that can endanger people and operations, the fact is that these documents do not reveal any interest not yet been exposed during a public debate about the war in Afghanistan. "
In his first public comments on the matter, Obama said the disclosure of classified information from the battlefield "could potentially jeopardize individuals or operations."
The president spoke after a meeting with House and Senate leaders of both parties.
The WikiLeaks material, which ranges from files documenting Afghan civilian deaths to evidence of US-Pakistani distrust, could reinforce war opponents in Congress who aim to rein in the war effort. But the leaks are not expected to dim the passage of a looming $60 billion war funding bill.
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