Obama says '67 borders must accommodate changed conditions

While defending his call for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to be based on 1967 lines, US President Barack Obama on Sunday used language much more accommodating of Israeli concerns, including references to on-the-ground realities of settlement blocs located beyond the Green Line. He also noted that leaders in Jerusalem are wary of creating a situation like that in Gaza and southern Lebanon, where rockets rained down on Israel following military withdrawals.
"The basis for negotiations will involve looking at that 1967 border, recognizing that conditions on the ground have changed and there are going to need to be swaps to accommodate the interests of both sides," the US president said in a BBC interview aired on Sunday.
"On the other hand," Obama said, "and this was an equally important part of the speech, Israel is going to have to feel confident on its security on the West Bank, and that security element is going to be important to the Israelis."