'Observer' editorial slams Israel for threats against Iran

Israel's threats to strike Iran constitute a "dangerous" raising of the stakes which will put Israel "into a corner where it appears weak if it doesn't act and perhaps weaker if it does," an editorial published in the British weekly The Observer on Sunday contends.
"Some experts have estimated that even a successful raid on Iran would buy Israel only four years at best while encouraging Iran to redouble its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons," the Observer article states.
The editorial suggests that despite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "profound antipathy for Israel," Iran does not actually pose an existential threat to the Jewish State.
"Behind the rhetoric Iran's clerical elite is well aware of the consequences that an Iranian nuclear attack – or Iranian-sponsored attack – on Israel would provoke, not least retaliation from a US that has committed itself to the defense of Israel," the article reads.
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