Olmert spokesman says verbal agreement with PA was reached

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert's spokesman, Jacob Galanti, on Monday confirmed the details of documents released Sunday which detail Olmert’s “Package Offer" to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made in August 2008.
During an interview with Army Radio, he confirmed that Olmert had reached final agreements regarding settlements and Jerusalem. "He did not leave any subject open," Galanti said during the interview.
When asked why the agreements were not eventually signed, Galanti could not give a specific reason but did explain that elections in both Israel and the US may have had an effect on the breakdown of negotiations. He said that a verbal agreement had been reached and specific maps were discussed, however no written agreement was ever signed.
Regarding reports that Israel had warned the Palestinian Authority of Operation Cast Lead, Olmert's communications chief said that he could not confirm if this was true.