Olmert's lawyers deny allegations in response to indictment

Olmerts lawyers deny al

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert on Monday denied all allegations against him in the Investment Center and 'money envelopes' cases. He added that he would submit a response to the Rishontours case allegations at a later date. The former premier's rejection of the charges was submitted by his lawyers to the Jerusalem District Court in response to his indictment. Regarding Olmert's relationship with New York financier Morris Talansky, lawyers Eli Zohar and Navot Tel Zur wrote that Talansky and Olmert had shared an "acceptable and natural relationship" in which an elected official was supported by a financial backer. Though Olmert admitted that Talansky had donated large sums of money both to his election campaigns and to him personally, he continued to claim that all funds were granted and accepted legally.