Pakistan: police say 16 die in ethnic-based attacks in

QUETTA, Pakistan — Gunmen targeted non-ethnic Baluchis traveling on a bus and painting a house in two attacks in southwestern Pakistan on Saturday, killing 16 people and wounding eight, police said.
In the first attack, gunmen stopped the bus in Aab-e-Ghum, a town 50 kilometers (30 miles) northeast of Quetta, the provincial capital. It carried Baluch and non-Baluch passengers, but the attackers identified those from the eastern Punjab province, forced them off the bus and shot them, police official Ismail Kurd said.
The second attack occurred in Quetta, when gunmen burst into a home and killed six Punjabi laborers who were painting it. The gunmen also wounded three other laborers, senior police official Hamid Shakeel said.
The attacks may have been inspired by Pakistan's marking Saturday of its creation and independence from Britain in 1947.