Pakistan thanks world for opening wallets

UNITED NATIONS – Pakistan thanked the world Friday for opening its wallets and said more than 20 million flood victims now know that nations and people around the globe are standing with them during the worst disaster the country has ever faced.
Wrapping up a hurriedly called two-day meeting of the UN General Assembly to spotlight the immediate need for aid, Pakistan's UN Ambassador Abdullah Haroon said the initial outpouring from some 70 countries was "indeed heartening" and "a good beginning," though he stressed that the country will need much more help in the months and years to come.
At the start of the meeting on Thursday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said donors had given just half of the $460 million the UN appealed for to provide food, shelter and clean water for to up to 8 million flood victims over the next three months. He insisted all the money was needed now.