Palestinian minister says America won't cut aid to PA

"America has threatened more than once to cut aid to the Palestinian's only pressure," Palestinian Authority Public Works Minister Mohammad Shtayeh said in an interview with Palestinian Arabic-language news daily Maan Sunday.
Commenting on America's recent veto of a UN resolution calling for a settlement freeze, Shtayeh said: "It will be hard for the Arab street to believe that America supports democracy after Obama's position was revealed by the US's veto [of a settlement freeze]. I don't think that the American threats to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority will be in beneficial to American or Israeli interests."
Shtayeh also spoke about relations between Hamas and the West Bank authority, which have been bitter rivals since Hamas was elected to power in Gaza in 2006, said that "A unity state could very well be achieved within the year. The invitiation is serious and I hope that Hamas will not miss the chance."