Peres: Bashar Assad doesn't have his father's wisdom

Reacting to the ongoing massacres taking place in Syria over the past year, President Shimon Peres said that Syrian President Bashar Assad did not inherit his father's wisdom but did inherit his father's evil and his penchant for wholesale slaughter.
Peres who traveled to Nahariya to address the conference for the development of the Galilee, said that in recent months it had become increasingly important to focus not only on Tehran but on what is happening in Syria,  where day after day Assad is killing women and children.
There is a decisive battle going on in Syria, the outcome of which will determine the future of the region said Peres. Then striking a more optimistic note, Peres said that he doubted whether Assad had much of a future in the final analysis. "He's bound to fall," Peres predicted. "Assad is a cold blooded leader who inherited his father's evil and desire to kill but not his wisdom. Peres was convinced that the Syrian people will not allow this cruel tyrant to remain as leader. "Because today the people of Syria are much more aware of what he is".
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