Peres, in Greece, offers condolence to Egyptian people

On landing in Athens at the start of his state visit to Greece on Monday, President Shimon Peres, at the official reception hosted by his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias, offered condolences to the people of Egypt, for the killing on Sunday of 15 Egyptian border guards.
The guards stationed near the check post by the Israeli border, were attacked by gunmen dressed as Beduins. The gunmen were traveling in an armored vehicle and opened fire as they crossed into Israel.
Terror harms everyone without discrimination, said Peres. After gunning down Egyptian security personnel, the terrorists had planned to infiltrate into Israel, Peres continued, and thankfully had been stopped by Israeli security forces, which had responded quickly to the situation and to intelligence information.
Peres said that he wanted to express his sympathy to the Egyptian people for this needless and senseless loss of life. It is in the interests of both Egypt and Israel to maintain peace and quiet on both sides of the border, and throughout southern Israel, he said.
At their working meeting following the reception, Papoulias also condemned the terrorist attack and said that Greece is opposed to terror in any shape or form. Greece is a country that suffered from acts of terrorism, he added and could therefore empathize with the Egyptian population.
Papoulias also expressed sorrow over the deaths of the Israelis who had been killed in a terrorist attack in Bulgaria last month. He said that he had been surprised that an act of terrorism had been carried out in a vacation resort, but on reflection realized that this was yet another proof of the extent to which terrorism is organized. Greece is obligated to act against terrorist elements that are working against peace and democracy, he said.