Peres: Iran is the most morally corrupt nation on Earth

Iran is the most morally corrupt nation on Earth, President Shimon Peres told CNN's Richard Quest on Saturday.
The president said on top of the nuclear danger presented by the Islamic Republic's secretive nuclear program, the issue with Iran is a "matter of values."
Peres accused the regime in Tehran of hanging people without cause, sending arms and money for terror, cheating and lying.
"Human rights, now, should be put in the center," Peres said, responding to a question of Quest's on how the international community should handle the Iranian threat.
Peres said the situation vis a vis the international community's engagement with the Islamic Republic has changed since Europe sanctioned Iranian crude, and the US passed sanctions on Iran's central bank.
Still, Peres said "I would tell the Iranian people, save your own country. It's in your hands."
He added that he "was not calling for a revolution."
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