Peres meets Austrian FM, slams lack of int'l action on Iran

President Shimon Peres on Wednesday criticized the lack of action by the international community on the Iranian nuclear threat.
At the opening of a meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger in Jerusalem, the president responded to a question of how to boost Middle East stability, by saying, "Why are yo so slow? Where are you? What are you doing on the issue and what are you policies?"
Peres added that Iran's nuclear program was casting a dark shadow over the Middle East, and that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's desire to place Iranian rule over Arab states was the greatest threat that existed today. He said the problem with Iran's desire for the atom bomb was that neclear weapons would be added to "old conflicts."
The president went on to say that should the Islamic republic attain a nuclear bomb, it would set off a nuclear arms race in the region.