Peres meets Polish FM, says Auschwitz sign has "deep historical meaning"

Peres meets Polis FM, sa

President Shimon Peres met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Copenhagen on Friday following the theft of the infamous iron sign over the gate to the Auschwitz memorial site with the cynical phrase "Arbeit Macht Frei" - German for "Work Sets You Free", and told him that Israeli citizens and Jews throughout the world were "deep shocked" by the incident. "The State of Israel and the entire Jewish people ask that you take the necessary steps in order to catch the criminals and return the sign to its place," Peres said. "The sign has an extremely deep historical meaning for the Jewish people and for the whole world and it serves as a memorial monument to more than 1 million Jews who were murdered in this camp." Tusk told Peres that he could "rest assured that we are doing everything in order to capture the criminals. Since the morning I have instructed the public security minister, who is responsible for the police and the special security forces in Poland, to make this issue their top priority." The Polish premier went on to tell Peres, "The sign's theft is very grave and is as painful for us as it is for you."