Peres: Narrow gap between Israelis, Palestinians

The gap between the Israelis and the Palestinians is "very narrow" President Shimon Peres told interviewer David Frum during his five-day State visit to Canada.
Canada's National Post quoted Peres as saying that the Palestinians had achieved "an economic peace" and that there has not been violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians for three years. The president delivered these remarks in a live interview before  a crowd at Toronto's Sony Center for Performing Arts, at an event sponsored by the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto.
According to the National Post, Peres recognized remaining economic and ideological divisions between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis, and referring to the latter, commented that Arabs "won't become Zionist, and I wont ask them to become Zionist."
Highlighting an area of "total equality," the president spoke of hospitals in Israel. "I don't know why when people become healthy again they forget how to live together," he remarked. 
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