Peres seeks "widest coalition" to raise call against Iran

President Shimon Peres on Friday called for the “widest coalition of people” to raise a moral call against Iran.
Speaking at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Peres explained that the “problem is not really the strength of the bomb but the nature ofthe [Iranian] system, of the regime.”
The president said that “this is the realconfrontation of our time” and that “the real story is not who hasbombs, but who has hangmen.”
“Our greatest mistake concerning Iran is that we didn’t turn to the thing that should have been first, and that is the moral dilemma. I think moral sanctions are more important than economic sanctions—to call a hangman a hangman, to call a dictator a dictator—a person who hangs people in the street, who shoots unarmed demonstrators, who calls for the destruction of a country, and who denies the Holocaust,” Peres said.