Plesner vows to publish Keshev C'tee findings despite PM

Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, who heads the Keshev Committee tasked with finding a replacement for the Tal Law reacted defiantly to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's announcement Monday that he was dissolving the committee.
"The committee met for hundreds of hours, held dozens of meetings, heard dozens of experts, performed very exhaustive staff work, met with the IDF and every relevant government ministry. They all helped us do the most comprehensive work in Israel's history on the issue of equalizing the burden. We intend to present our findings Wednesday," Plesner stated. He went on to point an accusing finger at Netanyahu. "There are those who are fleeing from the news that the public wants to hear. We won't give in to those who are trying to prevent our report's publication. There is a large majority of MKs who this issue is important to. They don't want to give up on this opportunity to bring about equality in the burden via legislation. If not, a month from today, there will be 60 thousand deserters. The public can judge our work. I have no doubt that any future agreement will have to pass the test of the High Court."
The Kadima MK added that "the prime minister has no majority to pass any proposal except ours."
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