PM: Hamas could replace the PA before or after agreement

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said Hamas could replace the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, before or after a peace agreement.
Speaking at a bible study group at the Prime Minister's Residence, Netanyahu said: "Any sensible person can understand Hamas is able to replace the Palestinian Authority - before an agreement or after an agreement - as witnessed in Gaza."
In an apparent response President Shimon Peres's call to renew talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Netanyahu said as opposed to the "voices that I have heard recently urging me to make concessions and withdraw," he will continue to manage the diplomatic process "responsibly and sagaciously and not in undue haste."
He stated that Israel must avoid allowing a "third Iranian terror base in the hear of the country," stating that peace will only come once security is assured.
Netanyahu added that the Palestinian Authority regime could be shaken at any time, as witnessed in Egypt and Syria.