PM: I hope the PA desires talks as much as we and the US do

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced at the beginning of his speech in front of the Knesset on Wednesday that he will travel to the US next week to meet at the GA of Jewish Federations in North America and took care to emphasize the importance of ties with Jews in the Diaspora, particularly with a younger generation of Diaspora Jews. The prime minister specifically mentioned the programs of Taglit and Nefesh B'Nefesh as successfully strengthening  Jewish identity in the Diaspora and non-Israeli Jews ties to the Jewish State, "not just on the political level but on the most basic level of identity." 
The prime minister gave his speech at a Knesset hearing held to discuss Israel's current standing in the world.
With respect to the stalled peace talks, Netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring the talks success, but expressed his reservations that the Palestinian side was similarly interested. "I know that we (the Israeli government) wish for progress and that we will take actions [to help it succeed],  I know the US also shares this desire and will take actions as well to ensure the continuation of negotiations," Netanyahu stated. "I hope that the Palestinian Authority also has this desire and will show its willingness to take actions to ensure the talks' success."