PM: Israel needs more tourists than people

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu challenged the country’s tourism infrastructure to arrive at a situation where there are more tourists than people in Israel, in an enthusiastic address at the first International Tourism Conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday night at the International Convention Center.
The first professional international tourism gathering to be hosted in Israel’s capital, being held from March 29-31, was attended by business and cultural leaders from around the world, including directors of the world’s most prestigious museums.
Netanyahu said that he hopes to open direct flights to the Galilee region to develop Christian tourism in the Galilee region. “I watch a lot of late night TV, and I watch the evangelical churches, the television churches, and they call on people to come to ‘Bible Land’ in Tennessee or Kansas,” Netanyahu said.
“This is the real bible land, it’s not made of plastic, it’s real and you can see the actual places where these events took place.” Netanyahu added that tourism and high tech are the two most important sectors for developing and expanding the country’s economy.